Credential: Diploma
Skills Gained:

  • Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • System Repair
  • Computer Technologies
  • Problem-Solving

What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is where electrical and mechanical engineering intersect. As new technologies continue to penetrate our homes and businesses, employers need people who can operate and maintain these smart devices and equipment. You can be part of this emerging field with a career in Mechatronics. 

Through hands-on training, you can gain the skills you need to work on robotic and “smart” equipment. The courses in the Mechatronics program combine electrical, mechanical, and computer technologies and are designed to prepare you to install, maintain, modify, and repair mechatronic systems, equipment, and components.

What Industries Use These Skills?

Manufacturing, consumer products, medical, industrial maintenance, and automotive are just a few industries that need individuals with a Mechatronic skill set. Job titles you may encounter include:

Electro-Mechanical Technician
Whether you are on the job site or in the factory, you may be responsible for working on mechatronic equipment and systems, diagnosing and repairing issues and instructing the machine operators on the features and functions of the “smart” devices.

Industrial Machinery Mechanic
Repair and maintain factory and industrial equipment such as conveyor systems, production machinery, and packaging equipment. Troubleshooting before a problem escalates is important in this position and you may use technical manuals as well as the power of observation to diagnose issues.

What Does an Electro-Mechanical Technician do?

As an Electro-Mechanical Technician that has been trained to work on mechatronic equipment and systems, you may be responsible for:

  • Analyzing test results, machine error messages and information given to you by operators in order to diagnose equipment problems
  • Cleaning, lubricating, or adjusting parts, equipment or machinery
  • Cutting and welding metal to repair broken metal parts, fabricating new parts or assembling new equipment
  • Showing the machine operators features and functions of the equipment
  • Disassembling the machinery or equipment to remove faulty parts and make repairs

What Can You Learn In the Mechatronics Program?

The Mechatronics program can prepare you for a job operating, testing and maintaining robotic and automated equipment and systems. Some of the courses you could take include:

Introduction to Electrical Theory
Learn the skills you need to work with electrical components and systems, including the safety rules and regulation for electricians as well as the precautions taken to avoid job site hazards. You will design, predict performance and test electrical circuits. You will also utilize a variety of electrical laws and theory needed in the job.

Motors and Controls
This course introduces students to the operation and applications of various types of motors, motor rating, enclosures, and braking requirements. You will have the change to design, build and test motor control circuits using industry-standard equipment. National Electrical Code requirements are identified and referenced when wiring motor controls.

Robotics, Positioning, Velocity, Sensors
This course introduces you to the application of motor-operated valves (MOVs) and sensors, which measure velocity, pressure, strain, and temperature. You will also learn the differences between industrial robots and mechanical manipulators and dynamic and fixed automation are explained.

Mechanical Systems, Maintenance, and Bearings
This course introduces gearboxes and how to inspect, remove, reassemble, install, and maintain them. It also includes information about gear types, gear operation, and measuring and adjusting backlash and bearing clearance. Identification of common gear-wear patterns, gearbox maintenance, and installation is presented. Additionally, bearing types such as plain, ball, roller, thrust, guide, flanged, pillow block, and take-up bearings and their materials and designations are presented.

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