Student Loan Help Center

Many students have the same concerns about student loans as you do. At times the loan process can seem complicated and intimidating. At BTI, we understand and to help ease worries and prepare our students, we established the Student Loan Help Center. Discover why you should contact the Student Loan Help Center to manage your loans.

Five Reasons Why You Should Talk to the Student Loan Help Center

1. Get Accurate Information

The interest rates on student loans are often changing and there are a few different types of loans with uniquely structured interest rates. Knowing how to navigate these options on your own can be challenging. When you call the Student Loan Help Center, you will connect with one of our qualified Student Aid Advisors who can talk through all of the details with you.

2. Stay on Top of Your Loan

Since many student loans do not have to be paid back while you are in school or other deferment situations, it is easy to lose track of how much you borrowed and how much interest has accumulated. Contacting the Student Loan Help Center will enable you to keep your records straight. We'll help you follow your payment plan to ensure you'll pay off your balance on time.

3. We Talk to Your Lender for You

There are times when students get into situations where it becomes difficult to pay off the balance of their student loans. We understand that, and so do lenders, but finding a good compromise can be hard as well. Simply call the Student Loan Help Center to explain your situation and then we will speak to the lenders for you.

4. Get Help to Qualify For Loans in the Future

One of the disadvantages of defaulting on your loan is your inability to take out a loan later down the road when you need it. The Student Loan Help Center can help you protect future eligibility by talking to your lenders and explaining your situation for you.

5. Get Advice on Your Credit 

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things about taking out a loan is how it affects your credit. A credit score is what other lenders (not just student loan lenders) use to determine the interest rate of future loans. The Student Loan Help Center can offer advice on how to maintain a great credit score and protect your financial future. 

If you have any questions regarding your student loans, how they work, how to use them or how to manage your money once you get them, call us at 855.LOANS.95 or click here to request more information.