Starting on the Path to Your Future: Frequently Asked Questions

It can be overwhelming starting an Associate in Specialized Business/Technology degree, diploma or certificate program. Lots of students have questions about what to do and where to go for help. Below is a list of questions and answers that many students have found helpful in the past. 

If there is a question that isn’t addressed below, or if you would like more information, call us at 866.481.9301 or click here to request more information.

Q: How Can I Pay for My Education?

A: This is probably one of the most important questions we get from our students. There are lots of ways that you can pay for your education including your savings, scholarships, grants, and student loans. Over the past few years, 77% of students at Berks Technical Institute received some sort of financial aid to help with tuition costs. Our Financial Services Representatives can help walk you through your options and how to find out if you are eligible for scholarships and grants.

Q: How Do I Find Out If I Qualify for Financial Aid?

A: The first step to finding out if you can qualify for any type of financial aid is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application is a federal program that every school uses to assess a student’s financial needs. Scholarships and lenders use the information provided to determine how or if they can help you. Learn more about applying for financial aid here.

If you would like help from an filling out your FAFSA, gather your tax information and call us at 866.843.5376. Our FAFSA support line is here to help you. 

Q: How Do I Know Which Program Best Fits My Interests?

A: Discovering which one of our programs fits your interests isn’t as hard as you may think. Each of our Admissions Representatives receives quality training about how to help you find the best program.

If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with an Admissions Representative, call us at 866.481.9301 or click here to schedule a visit

Q: How Long Will My Program Take to Complete?

A: The time for completion has a few variables. The first thing to determine is which program holds your interest the most. You can find out the minimum time for completion by visiting the individual program pages. Click here for a complete list

The other primary factor that determines how long your program takes is you. It depends on the time and effort that you are willing to put into the program, as well as your scheduling restrictions, such as if you need to take night classes. At  BTI we are here to help you complete your program at the best pace for you!

Q: How Will BTI Help Me Find a Job?

Our mission at BTI is to provide a quality education that prepares you for your new career. In addition to offering relevant courses taught by industry-experienced instructors, we offer many resources for you to use to find a job:

  • Career Workshops
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Building
  • Course Refreshers
  • Professional Portfolios

You will have access to these resources throughout your career. We're happy to help our graduates no matter where they are on their career path. Visit our Career Services and Career Assistance pages to learn more. 

Not only can you use all of the above resources, but most of our program also include an externship integrated into the curriculum. These externships provide you with the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice in a working environment. Learn more about externships.

More Questions?

Do you have other questions not listed here? If you have more questions, you can visit our Course Catalog, call us at 866.481.9301, chat online now, or click here to request more information.