BTI Quick Facts Everyone Should Know

As a student and graduate of Berks Technical Institute, you can enjoy some great perks. Going to school is more than just going to class–you go to meet friends, make connections and enjoy life. Here are some quick facts about BTI:

  • Hungry between classes? We have a Subway restaurant on campus for your convenience. 
  • Want to check your email? Our student online lounge is a great place to check your email, tweet or update a Facebook post.
  • Need help on an assignment? Join one of our many student organizations to get help from your peers.
  • Interested in a course refresher after you graduate? Sit in on one of our classes after you graduate to brush up on your knowledge and skills.
  • Have a job interview? Set up a time for a practice interview and get sound advice for impressing potential employers.
  • Want to work on your résumé? Attend a Career Workshop to learn how to create a résumé that will grab the attention of hiring managers.
  • In the Paralegal program? Find out how the court system works by getting to use our replica courtroom.
  • In the Criminal Justice program? Discover how to solve a mystery in our crime scene investigation lab.
  • Part of the Dental Assistant program? Get the practice you need in one of our four new dental operatories.
  • In the Graphic Design program? Design logos using the latest software in our new Mac lab.
  • In the Medical Assisting program? Gain hands-on experience in our medical labs.

Attending Berks Technical Institute will give you more than just an education. Here you will be able to meet other people with similar interests. Together, you’ll be able to learn what you need to know to start a successful career.

If you’d like to know how BTI can help you find your new career, call us at 866.481.9301 or click here to request more information.