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Skilled Trades Program Application Process Guide

Beginning any new education program can be an exciting journey. With higher education has been encouraged for so many years, it’s easy to know how to apply to college Trade schools, however, are a bit different. Many have the question, Do SATs matter for Trade Schools? It can be difficult to even know where to begin. This guide will help you learn more about the application process and how to get into trade school.

What Are the Requirements for Trade School?

As with many kinds of post-secondary education, there are certain requirements you must meet to get into a trade school. While the specifics of the requirements for trade school can vary slightly depending on the institution, the basics remain the same:

  • Typically, the applicant must be 18 years of age or have parental permission. This is frequently due to the kind of equipment being used.
  • The applicant must have a valid high school diploma or GED (General Equivalency Development) certification.
  • Passing a background check is an admission requirement for many trade schools as they are required to place a percentage of their graduates in their field of study.

These two basic trade school requirements are key to securing an education in the trades. As mentioned, there may be other requirements for different institutions, but these two things are usually important requirements.

Do SATs Matter for Trade Schools?

SAT testing is frequently required for many kinds of higher education. But, do SATs matter for trade schools? That’s not typically the case for trade schools. The simple answer for most is no. Sometimes a high SAT score can help an applicant pass certain kinds of entrance exams for trade school. Rather than the SAT a prospective student may be required to take an entrance placement test.

Trade School Application Process

While colleges and universities often require a complicated application with essays, letters of recommendation, a long list of questions, transcripts, and SATs or other kinds of testing, the application for trade school is usually much more straightforward. If you’re finding yourself wondering how to apply to trade school, the answer is frequently as simple as filling out a basic online application, completing an interview, and submitting proof of a HS diploma/GED. While there may be a series of items that are recommended to fulfill, that likely varies by school. Any admissions office or page may recommend a campus visit and choosing a vocation before applying.

What is required for acceptance Into Trade School?

College often has some kind of educational requirement, such as a special level of GPA or test scores. Trade schools are more concerned with the desire and skill of their students versus specific test scores. As you learn more about your trade, it becomes increasingly important that you acquire the skills to perform in this career. A traditional variety of testing frequently may not supply the information to demonstrate that a student has the appropriate skills.

Should students have questions or concerns about their careers or need additional services, there are many supportive services available to help them in their education and more.

An applicant’s requirements for trade school may be very limited, but a student’s trade education is anything but. Berks Technical Institute works to prepare each of its students to enter directly into their chosen trade with the skills to be successful upon graduation. We focus on a combination of hands-on learning and classroom experience to help students ready themselves for graduation and employment. Our students work with industry specific equipment and tools, as well as techniques for their future.

Berks Technical Institute is here for you. Whether you want some assistance in career services or the help of financial aid to those who qualify, we work to provide you with the tools and skills to be confident and ready for your career. Contact our admissions office to learn more about Berks Technical Institute today.

Information within this blog is for general information purposes only. Berks Technical Institute does not assume or guarantee certification/licensures, specific job/career positions, income earning potential or salary expectations based on the programs offered at Berks Technical Institute. Career and program information statements in this blog do not guarantee that programs or other information mentioned are offered at Berks Technical Institute.